Feb 2013

New Jersey Motorsports Park open house March 2nd!!!


Team Pro-Motion photography schedual

Our Team Pro-Motion photography schedule

VIR March 30-31
NJMP April 6-7
NJMP April 20-21
Poco April 27-28 or NCBIKE 27-28
NJMP May 3
Poco May 8
NJMP May 10-11
Poco May 18-19 or NCBIKE 18-19
NJMP May 25-27 or NYST May 25-27 
NJMP Jun 6
Summit Jun 8-9 
NJMP Jun 16-17 
NCBIKE Jun 22-23 
Poco Jun 29-30
NJMP July 4-6 
Summit July 7  
NCBIKE July 13-14 
Poco July 20-21
NJMP July 22
VIR Aug 3-5 
NCBIKE Aug 10-11
Poco Aug 17-18 
Poco Aug 31 Sep 1
NJMP Sep 6
NCBIKE Sep 7-8
Summit Sep 14-15
NJMP Sep 21-23
Poco Sep 28-29 
NYST Oct 5-6
NCBIKE Oct 12-13 
Summit Oct 19-20 
NJMP Oct 27-28 
NCBIKE Nov 2-3 
NJMP Nov 9-10
Summit Nov 16-17

Jennings Florida

Had some time to edit a couple images from Jennings Florida and figured I would share them here….. can’t wait for this season to start!

Working great on a tripod

The tripod rig is working perfectly, just need to balance the shoulder rig and we are golden (seems really silly that P&C doesn’t sell counter weight systems)

Kamerar Tank cage, Kamerar matte box, a couple P&C Swiss Rods

P&C shoulder rig for Sara (half a rig not much use without a counter weight)

Jennings GP

Shooting down in Florida for 3 days with Dave at Jennings GP